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( the girl )

Name: Kinga, Age: 23, Sex: female
Location: Poland, but wish to be somewhere else... Occupation: unemployed graduate

( the love )
cats (specially my own little devil), high heels, shopping, driving a car, working in Photoshop

( the fandom )
KAT-TUN (♥Jin & Ueda♥), ON/OFF (♥Naoya♥), SuJu (♥Heechul & Kyuhyun♥), SS501 (♥Kim Hyun Joong♥),
Michael Jackson (4ever and ever), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (♥Tim Curry♥)

( shhhhhh.... )
this journal is NOT friends only but if you like to friend me don't be shy - I'm adding back ;)

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P.S. I miss him so much ;(

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